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Summary Of JongHyun's Dangerous Speech


It was started at their debut day!

2010.Jan.15 Dong Go Dong Rak, they were asked when was their last date. All others answered 2~3 years ago. Only Jonghyun said one year ago, broke up because he went to Japan, and he even called her from Japan.

2010.June.22 Sukira, he talked about his first kiss

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FT Island’s Self Compositions/ Participations


FT Island have been a busy band over the years. Since their debut, they have helped write and compose an extensive number of songs, and produced many of their own. Below is a list of their self compositions/participations.

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JENGA feat. Pork Soup Bros

expectation x reality

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Soothe Calm any stressed nerves with this tranquil mix filled with mellow vocals and gentle acoustic melodies.

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CREATURES OF THE NIGHT; a playlist for the sinister and the damned

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(3/11) EXO Airport Fashion: Cutest Byun Baekhyun

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[FanArt] 140809 Can’t Stop in KL - Lee JongHyun

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